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Thank You For Happy Birthday Wishes

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thank-you-for-happy-birthday-wishes-colorful-graphicI wish to extend a “thank you” to each and everyone who remembered my birthday this year and extended their good wishes to me and my family.    I was the recipient of numerous face book posts, instant messages, emails and phone calls of those who were wishing me the best.

I enjoyed a delightful dinner with my wife and family including my mother in law  last night.  I am also looking forward to a fun dinner with friends this evening  to round out my weekend of celebrating.

I cannot let go unnoticed in this “thank you” though,  some personal sadness that began this week and ended this week.

First, I was shocked to learn of the sudden death of Lt. Herbert L. Milnes of the Northlake Fire Department  on September 20th,  whom many of us have known since each of us were children and grew to adult with together as we raised our children.   His father, who was a Lieutenant. on the Schiller Park Fire Department, passed away a number of years ago, and was a very good friend of mine.   I was happy to have shared the celebration of Lee’s life this week with his family and his extended family in the fire service.  Lee touched so many lives, including his family,  in such a positive way.

Secondly, I attended the wake yesterday, of Eileen O’Grady, who got to know when she and I served on the St. Beatrice School Board in the early 1980’s.    She and her husband, Frank, have raised a wonderful family who are a credit to themselves and community.   Eileen endured serious health problems during much of her adulthood, but she never let it diminish her contribution to community, the raising of her children and grand children,  and her pursuit of her professional career.   She leaves a mountain of achievements, that will long be remembered and appreciated.    A strong testimonial was by the presence of hundreds of those who attended her wake, many whom waited in line for over an hour.

Both of these wonderful people may be gone, but not forgotten.   Their “monuments” are their family and the communities that they contributed in building during their life time.


Truly, this birthday week of mine was a time of reflection.


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Mount Rosemont Approved for MB Financial Entertainment District

The village of Rosemont has  approved an agreement with a company to literally build a 35 to 40-ft. high snow mountain in mid-December that will allow people to slide down its 250-ft. length while riding a tube.

The deal will result in the hiring of Stack Box Structures, a company that uses shipping containers, to erect “Mount Rosemont” as it may or may not eventually be called. The mountain will be located in the village’s entertainment district, MB Financial Park at Rosemont, right in front of the Hofbrauhaus German beer hall.

This is just the latest in a growing list of attractions that will bring people to Rosemont to dine, ice skate, drink, shop, bowl, laugh, and enjoy the sensation of skydiving…

Leyden High School District 212 Is a First Place Magna Award Winner for 2014


Leyden High School has been notified that they are a First Place Magna Award Winner for 2014.

Go to this link for the program at District 212 for which they are being recognized :

About the Magna Awards 2014 Program
A general announcement about the Magna Awards 2014 honorees was made March 5; writeups of this year’s honored programs were posted on the webpage on that date, and can be found in the “Resources” section. You do not need to be a subscriber to access these resources.

Every year the American School Board Journal Magna Awards highlight best practices of school district leadership. Nominations are accepted in the fall and winners are recognized at the Best Practices for School Leaders Luncheon at the NSBA Annual Conference. Sodexo has been a proud sponsor of the awards since 1995. This year’s Best Practices for School Leaders Luncheon will be held Saturday, April 5, 12:00-2:00 p.m., at the New Orleans Convention Center, during NSBA’s 74th Annual Conference. This year’s luncheon will feature a dynamic speaker – Sonia Nazario, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, journalist, and author of Enrique’s Journey – who will speak about how one in four children in public schools across the United States are now immigrants or the child of an immigrant, and discuss the tremendous traumas many of these children face even before landing in American classrooms

CRITERIA To determine the winners of the Magna Awards 2014, the judges looked for programs that were:

  • Developed or actively supported by the school board.
  • The result of appropriate school board leadership.
  • Successful in view of the program’s primary objectives.
  • Important in promoting the district’s mission and advancing student learning.
  • Capable of being replicated by other school boards with similar conditions and resources.
  • The result of collaboration between the school board and others.